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P(a)ediatric cognitive auditory neuroscientist.




I am a p(a)ediatric auditory neuroscientist working at Lancaster University. I Lecture in Developmental Psychology and run The PELICAN Lab. 

I am interested in the effect of everyday hearing technology (e.g. hearing aids, earbuds with remote microphone apps) on language, cognition, academic ability and cortical acclimatisation in children with normal hearing and hearing impairment.


I use neuroimaging techniques, EEG and MRI, to understand the underlying mechanisms of speech and non-speech listening skills in hearing impairment and developmental disorders.

I am also exploring how to bring gamification and virtual reality to make the research and clinical audiological environment more child-friendly.

PhD   Psychology                                       MRC Institute of Hearing Research

University of Nottingham, UK

MSc  Human cognitive neuropsychology             University of Edinburgh, UK

MA   Psychology (First)                                  University of Aberdeen, UK

BSc  Artificial intelligence and mathematics       University of Edinburgh, UK




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  2. Stewart, H. J., Cash, E. K.,  Hunter, L. L., Maloney, T., Vannest, J., & Moore, D. R. (Under review). Speech cortical activation and connectivity in typically developing children and those with listening difficulties. Preprint:

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  4. Pinkl, J., Cash, E., Hunter, L. L., Ferguson, S., Evans, T., Nejmen, T., Hamilton, J., Moore, D. R. & Stewart, H. J. (2020). Short-term pediatric acclimatization to adaptive hearing aid technology. American Journal of Audiology, 1-17.

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  6. Stewart, H. J., Shen, D., Sham, N., & Alain, C. (2020) Involuntary orienting and conflict resolution during auditory attention: The role of ventral and dorsal streams. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 10.1162/jocn_a_01594.

.For a full list of publications please download my CV

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